Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in the Cubes

Accounting never dresses up. Accounting never gets into it. If Design gets beat by Accounting we might as well go home.

Well go home.

Okay, don't look too close at our decorations. Its as hokey as it comes. But the looks my neighbor's kids gave me when they saw a big purple and black witch in the front yard spray painting leaves, was totally worth it.


I don't think Gothic Witches have ashy legs. But after three coats of lotion, my legs still look like they've been in front of a blast furnace all day. What exactly was in the air at Watsonville?

This lady won the costume contest. Well, Duh. Its like something out of a movie set. I took second when I think I really shouldn't have, especially with the ashy legs. And if it was a bella event, I might have gotten DQ'd for using the same wig. Okay, different color and use...but Bella rules are tough. High standards and all.

I think this lady should have won. She totally made her costume by hand. But I don't think anyone knew who she was. I want to give her my envelope of cash, but I'm not gonna because I am going to buy a new wig with it.

Damn Reeses...peanut butter cups of goodness from hell.

The horse emailed me. The one at the costume race. Whats so funny is that he signed it, "The Horse's Ass". I like knowing which end of the horse emailed.

These are a couple of guys from IT. The whole company was out on the lawn, doing company Halloween things. And then we all went back inside. Except these two. They stayed out and finished playing their cops and robbers game. That just cracks me up.

There's another guy from IT, who didn't enter the contest and has been quietly wearing his costume. And then at lunch he had another costume on. And now, I just saw him wear a third one. But he's so quiet about it. Like a diva in hiding. I don't know if I should let him know that I noticed. I want to wait and see if he breaks out a 4th.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Lazy post

Easier to post pics than write words this morning.

Halloween is my favorite time of the year...
Velo Bella is my favorite team...
and I take back anything bad I ever said about bees.

Jeni's Surf City pics are here

and Abbiorca's are here

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Scheduled outage

I haven't been posting here

because I've been busy over there

and busy trying to convince a bunch of accountants that they really do want to dress up for halloween. I challenged the other departments and uhhhh...we're going to get creamed by Design. But its no fair, they have a printer up there that makes things , anything they can plop into CAD, and it will "fabricate" it. And they have molds, and scissors, and material. And imaginations.

Thats okay, because I have just discovered the wondrous invention of clear duct tape. Give me some clear duct tape, some black crepe paper, and a strobe light and I'll fix this place right up.

So, I was going through my box of wigs this morning and realized that I do not have a Farrah Fawcett wig. Thats bugging me. I might have to buy one.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Prophylactic shock

Can I just sit here in the sand and play for a while?

I really liked this weekend's cross course. I loved the sand, the turns and the little up and down hills.

I did not like the mini pack of angry bees I somehow ran into.

I did like the benadryl.

I was surprised to see that I could make up time on the turns. That used to be a real weakness of mine. I was not surprised to see that I lost time in the fast straightaways. Although it does suck because that used to be a strength of mine. It gives me hope though, because I can get the fitness back. Or so I keep saying. I hope the techie skills stay. So elusive. Blah blah blah.

I love racing with a bevy of bellas. Even when I am lying face down in the sand, it makes me happy to see a swirl of blue and pink go past me. Go pffftttt Bellas pffft pooey Go!

Another thing that makes me happy is seeing the turnout for C women. Right on. I just wish we could be more appreciative of them being there. Instead of complaining about how tough they are to lap. As if they are just something in the way....

Its just a local cross race....lets think about whats really important in the long run. I. Just don't want anyone thinking that they are a less valued competitor than anyone else. Its tough being out on the course at the same time as women who have been doing this for years. Let's honor their bravery and cheer them on when passing, instead of cursing.

Cuz in a few years, they could be passing you.

I, on the other hand, haven't been passing anyone. Unless it was in the first 200 meters. And I am fine with that.

For now.

Monday, October 23, 2006

yay, its 5:00!

because I am getting so distracted.

Thanks Paule, for sending me this pic.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Goodwill Games

The Halloween hunt begins at the Goodwill on the corner of Meridian and Hamilton for no other reason than it is across the street from Manley Donuts and next to Dick's Bakery. (I shit you not). So much testosterone and pastries in one place can only means good things I always say.

The Halloween section had been seriously torn apart. Calm down people. Its only Halloween.

I wanted to look at the dresses, but these guys were hogging the rack. I wonder what they are going to be for halloween?



okay, I don't care if these are only 1.99...buying undies from Goodwill is just creepy. And undies on a hanger?

Today's priorities

I know exactly what I want to complete my halloween costumes. Yes, costumeS. Halloween should be spread to as many days possible.

So, I know exactly what I want...I can see it so clearly in my head. But when I have found it, it costs a bazillion dollars or its in the UK.

I wish I had the skillz of those designer people that Michael made me watch last night. Then I could take whats in my head and make it. But my sewing fu is bad. I'm more of a safety pin/duct tape kind of seamstress.

So, I am off to a tour of San Jose Goodwills

and then I'll get my ride in.

and then I'll get my work done.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

At least I'm not alone

Either Lilly and I are completely mad and the rest of the world is sane.

Or we know something they don't.

Judging by the cotton eyed joe jig, I'm guessing we are just plum off our rockers.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I can barely type this

I took a nap today at lunch, in my car.

I haven't done that since my party daze.

It felt soooooooooooooooo good
(the nap, not the party daze)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Who what what what

Drinking and pre-reging, do not mix.

If I messed up your team name, blame 2 buck chuck. And some tasty belgian ale.
and the cat.


Did you know that many of the ovens sold in the u.s. have a "sabbath mode". Yep, its one of those little features in the comparison box thingies. Appararently its a way of turning on the oven before Sabbath and just sort of leaving it on so you don't have to actually turn it on, on Sabbath. You know, to get around those pesky religious requirements.



The two buck made me say that. Sorry LJ!
And its not really two buck. Its more like 10 buck. But then two buck is more like 3.49 buck so its all silly anyway.


Oh, I just noticed that Lilly posted, so I don't need to post this.
thank goodness.

Super Powers

So Today I finally went out to practice mounting and dismounting my xbike and can finally do it...when no one is looking. Makes me feel like a super hero. Anyway you all should come and not watch me at Surfcity this weekend.

...and don't forget your grass skirt for the Dashboard Hula Contest, don't get your hopes up for winning the contest tho, that I'm pretty good at.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wheels on the bus go round and round

The busier I am, the busier I get.

I feel like I am on one of those creepy horror show merry go rounds that go faster and faster. Something's going to explode, and I hope its a clown's head and not me.

I wish we weren't putting on Surf City. It seems like such a fun race to go to. And I would just like to go to it. Now I know why Dave Gill gets cranky when we ask him to help with results.

We're going to use white out on the results.
White out. That just cracks me up.


I have nothing but oodles and oodles of respect and admiration for someone like XBunny who upgraded to Bs, even though a win would have tasted sweet. Seeing her up her game, to match the Bs is so satisfying. She is a different racer than the person I met last year. She is a competitor. And she is going to kick my ass in one of these races very soon. Beware the bunny! (And her fan club!)


Michael and I have been sneaking in moments of planning for VB road 2007. I am really looking forward to it. I'd like to get back to the reason we started this team, to have fun racing with my friends. At least for one more year.


Running intervals are harder than cycling ones. I almost collapsed on interval #6 last night. I can't push that hard on the bike. A part of me always holds something in the reserve so that I don't crash. But running still sucks.


I listened to the president a bit this morning on the way to work. I don't know which is worse. The president thinking we are that stupid, or the reality that we might be that stupid.


I still haven't found my halloween costume.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Monday, October 09, 2006

Race Report - Pilarcitos #1


The best thing about racing cross again?
In and Out Burger, guilt free.

Double double and shake. Mmmmmm

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The kitty keeps attacking me

I sure wish Jeff were here right now so she could attack him instead and I could write this in peace.

Anybody want the devil disguised as a cute little siamese?

Now I forgot what I logged in to blog about.

NO really...I forgot.

But I'm here now, and blogger actually let me in without hassle so I might as well write something. Especially as the new scribblins seem to be working.

I could write about how Arnold said the same sex marriage issue should be decided by the courts and the courts just lobbied it back saying it should be decided by the people. Talk about a hot potato. (you're my hot potato)

I'm supposed to be doing laundry right now as Michael is in the garage working on my bike. (we're such a traditional couple). But I'm here writing nothing instead and getting attacked by a 7 pound demon spawn, while the warm laundry lies crumpled on the bed. So when Michael finishes, and I hear him coming into the house, I have to jump up and pretend I have been folding laundry all along. I'm a slow folder.

I loaded a few more interbike pics (even though Interbike was sooo last week) but I still haven't made the mario video. I hate my camera. When I see Nancy Wright at the cross race, I'm going to distract her with a cute doggie and take her camera.

Cross race. ugh. Talk about painful love. That bad kind of love. Like abusive relationship love. Cripes cross is hard. And yet, I can't wait for Sunday. But I can wait a little longer for next Sunday. Its creeping up too fast and creeping me out.

And all I know is that you all better race our Surf City race. Even those of you who have never raced cross. Especially those of you who have never raced cross. You are why we do this.

I found the red and yellow glasses last night. So thats nice.

Oh crap....here he comes.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random grumblings n stuff

Sometimes I like bad coffee. Gas station coffee with that chickoried burnt pot taste. Sometimes I sort of crave that. Have no idea why. Perhaps punishing myself for something. Maybe for that donut? This morning was a bad coffee morning and now its made me all grumbly.

I hate when I hit the back button on hotmail beta. Stupid hotmail. How long can something be called beta anyway? Until its mo beta?

~groan...I need more bad coffee.

Its hard to be funny when its all dreary outside.
And wet.

I've finally gotten around to being motivated to ride these days. It kills me that I spent weeks idly wasting sunny days and now have to force myself to ride in this crap. I'm going to type this blog as an excuse to procrastinate on today's ride.

I'm eating baked cheetos with my coffee right now. Thats so gross.

I can't wait for the cross race this weekend. I have a surprise for someone. But I am not telling what. Mwaaahhaaaahaaa.

I think I finally figured out what I want to be for halloween at cross and at work. The department here at work "never dresses up for Halloween, ever!" Sorry. There's a new sheriff in town and she's got a box of costumes with your name on it. Except I opened up my big mouth and challenged the design department...I think I told them we could be more creative than them. The design department. The people that think things up for a living. Oops.

I still have to find those big yellow sunglasses. But now I need big red sunglasses too.

So, Sarah Hammer, fresh off a world medal win this year, set a new national record in the Pursuit at the Track National Championships yesterday. Hammer for sure. Maybe thats what I need, a new last name. Sabine Goesuphillsfast or something.

Track Nationals aren't being held in Colorado this year. Velonews is in Colorado. I think it was too long of a drive for their reporters because there is nothing about a woman breaking an 11 year old national record on their site yet. Just more stories about drugs, euro-pros and Interbike. Interbike was soooo last week.

Maam, put the cheetos down.

I better go ride now.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Holy Mackerel, I need a drink

I said I would load Vegas pics last night. I did, but I didn't finish. They're here if you want to look at them. That pic down there is Mike. He was our bodyguard. All he was missing was a soundtrack.

I got sidetracked a little in trying to make my Mario movie. But that went nowhere. It seems as if my camera spits out movies in a format that MS Movie Maker does not recognize. It recognizes like 80 different formats except mine.

So I googled my dilemna to see what answers were out there on the web. And there are a lot of them. If you can decipher them. Holy moly, people can get sooooo geeked into their hobbies that they forget that no one else knows what an avvisxm SP3 is. I had no idea what they were rattling on about.

(which reminds me, Jeni's building up her cx with 105 and she's running a long cage r.d. with a 12-32. Should be sweet)

Mario will have to wait.

So I watched Michael make his movie instead. And I had to listen to him say Holey Mackerel about 27 times. And I had to watch myself run about 13 times, which is 14 times too many.

See, in my head, during my race, I was running fast. All those drills and sit ups. I could have sworn that I was flying up that hill with my feet hitting my buttocks with enthusiasm.

But when I look at the video, my feet barely come up out of the sand. And they do it soooo slowly. Thats how I imagined myself running before the drills. Please don't let there be footage of me running before the drills. I have a fantasy life to lead.

You know who runs fast? Laura. Check her out. Holy cow she is flying. Now that is how I run in my head. But don't ask me what's going on with her remount. Me and her got a little work to do on the next happy trail ride.

If you hold a race on the happy trails, I will be there. That was the funnest cross race (that I have raced in) in about 4 years or more. Just don't tell anyone I said so. I have the bestest (and sexiest) friends and honey ever.

Now, you'll have to excuse me as I need to spend the rest of my lunch hour finding big yellow glasses.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Vegas DeTox

I haven't had time to post this weekend. All computer time was devoted to email answering and even that isn't caught up yet. I love/hate email.

And I raced. Because my friends are tricky. They will get theirs. I have to admit though, the race was a fine detox session.

I have more pics from Vegas to post and hopefully I will get those up tonight. But mostly I want to work on my Mario movie. You Tube movies...so hot right now.