Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is the weekend over yet?

My poor Danskos. They have been through a lot. But I think this weekend finally killed them.

We got home at 9:00 on Sunday night, with the Toaster and Sputnik packed full of otter necessities like tents, electical cords and hula hoops. But we were both too whooped to even think about unpacking. It was tough enough just to make the long walk from cars to bed.

So the otter circus thats in my car went to work and back with me yesterday. We toughed up and unloaded, cleaned and organized last night, but only because it started to smell like dead otter in my car and there was no room for my NEW BIKE!.

But for all the work, and all the grumblings about the chaos that is the Otter, I had a blast. Its the one chance that our entire team has to get together. Where else would our Cat 4 road racers get to hula hoop with our pro downhillers?

Only one place. And so, each year...its totally worth it.

Huge huge thank yous to every bella who came out and raced and volunteered and hulad and hooped and boogied and bubbled.



At 12:09 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger X Bunny said...

luckily you have more than one pair...

At 12:59 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger ginmtb said...

I still owe Allie a leg massage...

Thanks for the hospitality - wish I was around the VB booths when the weather was good.

At 2:55 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger Vanderkitten ViP Team said...

Damn, tired, sore, can barely stay awake at the 9-5 job... missed dancing and flair... =(

At 3:11 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger Velo Bella said...

Bunbun - but that was my only black pair!

Gin - Thanks for helping us dig that ditch and batton down the hatches during the monsoon.

VK - You should always make time for boogie.

At 8:25 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger Chris said...

I ride the SRAM Force and love it. Very nice bike Bella.

At 10:31 PM, April 17, 2007, Blogger Sweet Cheeks said...

Thanks for the sandwiches, and the volunteer bracelet. And the damn good time as always!

Incredible bunch!

At 9:12 AM, April 18, 2007, Blogger bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Pretty bikes. Is that a stock pink poof?

My shoes made it, but my phone is still all kooky post rainstorm.

At 1:20 PM, April 18, 2007, Blogger jeninsb said...

Way fun!!!


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