Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And I have a hangnail

Stop the presses, Boonen has a cold


At 7:33 AM, March 30, 2006, Blogger pink fishnets said...

And in today's news...Boonen is denying being sick. His quote is hilarious:

"I hear people say I'm sick, but I strongly deny that. I'm having a bit of discomfort of the bronchial tubes, but that's it, nothing serious."

At 7:43 AM, March 30, 2006, Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i love euro-cyclists and they way they color up the speak-easies ... 'discomfort of the bronchial tubes.'

you just can't get that from us 'Merican sport-Os.

we'd just rattle out, 'yeah, i'm sick. do i still get paid?'

At 8:16 AM, March 30, 2006, Blogger X Bunny said...

i'm not sure the bronchial tubes are innervated by sensory nerves


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