Thursday, February 09, 2006


If you think the evite responses are fun....

The Evite:

Theme will be our CX Season Tiki/Luau so come dressed to have fun! This Party is being given as a thank you to all our super-duper volunteers & sponsors this past cyclo-cross season. We could not have pulled it off without you all. For those who can't make the date, I'll make sure to print life size photos of you guys and paste them in their own chairs. (Maybe Dawn can use one of them to dance with.)

A Sampling of Responses:

Sorry but I wont be able to make it. I have a Baptism and Fondue party for this same date

I so need to be lei'd, but my fear-of-commitment-to-pretty-much-everything prevents me from actually waaanting to be lei'd . . . maybe.

Sabine (+ 1 guest)
okay...I have to crack up that Cynthia has a baptism and fondue thing going... Dunk one in water and the others in cheese. So sorry if I am the only one that sees the humor in that.

Steve (+ 1 guest)
Fondu and Baptism ... I've heard that one a 100 times!

Laura (+ 1 guest)
Count us in, thats me the dashboard hula girl and Steviekickiebootie.

cool! i'll bust out my hula skirt and coconut bra...that iz if I can find my bra. I think I lost it at the first DFL race ;-)

I'll bring a spare coconut bra for the wild boys

if people don't make it, and there's life size photos of them on the chairs, does that mean we will technically be sitting on their faces? cool, can't wait!

brennabella (+ 1 guest)
I wanna be lei'd, but since I'm already knocked up, I'll show up, but please don't be horrified by my, eckhem, size, (BBB). Or if you are horrified, don't let me know and please tell me how beeuteeful I look:-)

Dawn (+ 1 guest)
A possible party with an undisclosed location where I am potentially performing? Gee, I'll have to pencil it in. Can we add the stipulation that all people bring a sane and healthy single male cyclist between the ages of 32 and 43? That could make me use permanent ink. Hey, now that you've updated the invite, my response isn't so funny! Damn, timing is everything.

Single male cyclists (Dawn supplying?), sitting on peoples faces, getting lei'd? Even if there's a race the next day, how can one say 'No' to that invite?!

sheila (+ 1 guest)
I hope someone is bringing the lei material because I am fresh out - tall, lean and sexy are my only requirements!

I'll see you all on the dance floor. Get ready to Shake, Break and Boogie.

Brent Chapman
I have scraped my trip to celebrate the most painful days of last year with the ones who brought me to that pain. :) Since Jen has a Date, I will go with Simon as his date. Simon, no flowers needed. .. now where is D-kwans dance video??... I know i had it a while ago..... hmm maybe i put it in the bag that went to the goodwill. oh.. maybe i can enjoy a beer by then.

ann (+ 1 guest)


At 5:07 PM, February 09, 2006, Blogger Miss Mary said...

you just crack me up


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