Friday, May 12, 2006

When the moon hits your eye

A warm sprintey day. Good Giro fun. Enjoy today's coverage, cuz I ain't doing this schtick on the weekend...

This picture weirds me out. Jan is looking all sunglassed and serious, while Gonchar/Honchar looks sweetly sublime. And, maybe I'm just a perv, but does Gonchar/Honchar have man boobies?

New head of the CIA? President of Enron? Chrysler Chairman? Member of Parliament? Blue Brothers Wannabe?

And you thought he couldn't get any sexier.

Today's finish foto of the day. I love looking at the faces of those that didn't win. I have no idea what kind of face Bettini is making, but I don't trust it. Not one bit.

Today's podium photo. And, oh, what have we here? Is that what Pollack looks like? I suppose with a name like Olaf, he had to be a cutie. Hmmm..we will have to keep our little girly eyes on him.

Simoni is so stylie. Check him out. Check out what he did with that towel. He so deserves a better looking kit.


At 5:19 PM, May 12, 2006, Anonymous bluebike said...

man boobs.


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