Thursday, December 22, 2005

Just a bunch of kids on bikes

I love this sport.
This whole cycling thing.
And there's lots of reasons why.

Here's one.

There are many amazingly wonderful, unique, quirky, kooky, fantastic people that I have met through riding. And there is no way in the world, that without cycling, I would have ever met those people. Our lives, outside of cycling, are otherwise so different. Were it not for our love of pedaling on two wheels, our paths would have never crossed.

And so, my world of friends, is richer in texture, because I ride a bike.


Last night, I got to see my longtime riding bud, Kenny, play a short gig of his Basement 3 work. I have known Kenny for, long Kenny? 5 years? (Holy crap really?) And last night was the first time I have seen him, not as Kenny my crazy singlespeeding pal who makes me do silly things, but as Kenny the musician. The fiercely talented, complex, lyrical musician. What a treat.

I love meeting people on bikes. And for a time, knowing them simply as the person I ride bikes with. Like kids, playing, no need for formal introductions, just ride. And then, learning about who they are and what they do and what they think and what they dream.

And then to go back and ride bikes some more.


At 11:03 AM, December 22, 2005, Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...


At 11:17 AM, December 22, 2005, Blogger Miss Mary said...

you said it, VB. Every word and feeling most of us kids on bikes have.

At 11:34 AM, December 22, 2005, Blogger nicknameless said...

wow...couldn't have said it better.

What is it about two wheels that gathers such a unique crowd?

PS...I am soooo bummed I missed Kennys show. I was so late getting home from work last night I just couldn't get myself to go off mountain, and my laundry was about to get up and go to the show on it's own if I didn't wrestle it into the washer. I know...excuses...excuses

At 11:58 AM, December 22, 2005, Blogger pink fishnets said...

oh, yeah, yeah.

love that pic, btw.

riding fat tires in the forest has always eliminated life's "noise" for me...nobody cares what you do 9-5, nobody cares where you live, how you live, nobody cares where you came from or where you're going. for me, there is no better way to live in the moment w/others & w/out a care in the world than riding a bike.

ok, skinny tires on pavement is purty durn good too. but not my first love.

At 12:15 PM, December 22, 2005, Blogger X Bunny said...

another nod of agreement--totally

At 12:35 PM, December 22, 2005, Blogger ginmtb said...

What, no helmets?!!!

At 1:53 PM, December 22, 2005, Blogger X Bunny said...

i missed it!
that's supposed to be my line!

At 9:16 AM, December 23, 2005, Blogger kenny said...

you are soooo sweet! the people i've met through biking, and sabine is at the top of that list, have been some of the most amazing folks i've ever met. they are passionate about their biking for sure, and that is just a reflection of the passion they have for life. sabine can make me laugh like nobody else i've ever met, and that to me is probably the single most important charactaristic that a friend can have. had i never chosen biking as my one healthy obsession, i never would have met princess shmetterling(sabine), and my life would not be nearly as rich...and that is the case with so many other of the 'bike people' as well......

At 9:26 AM, December 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a really sweet post

At 12:28 PM, December 23, 2005, Blogger Velo Bella said...

I'm still kicking your ass next time.

At 11:19 PM, December 23, 2005, Blogger kenny said...

fine.....just promise to insult me in german as you do it.....the sweet, smooth nuances of that language make even the worst of ass kickings seem so much more palatable.....


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