Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Gift Idea #3

The Drunkingham just sent me an email with "Sock Monkey" in the subject line.

So, I got all jazzed by the frivolity of the title, and promptly opened it up to read it (because I am so busy here at work).

While the email was entertaining, cuz, Steve is nothing if not entertaining, there was nothing in the email that had anything to do with sock monkeys. I even read between the lines just in case. Nope, no monkeys. No socks. And certainly no sock monkeys.

But, that did inspire me to add to that now growing holiday shopping list.

Paula Pound Sock Monkey Prints

I am sooo not an art collector. But thats why I like Paula's stuff. It takes nothing seriously and does it so charmingly. And cheaply. Maybe thats why I have a collection. That is, if two counts as a collection. So clicky clicky and shop. On your lunch break , of course.


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