Saturday, December 03, 2005

From the Cumberland

Just when you think a perfect day, can't get any better, you come home and get an email like this from Molly in Tennessee:

"It is really amazing -- I feel like I'm realizing more each day how much we NEED something like the Bellas in our area! I could list many examples, but I will just give one: Maria (an amazing rider who was turned off racing a few years ago by some overly serious guy racers) just told me today she'd not only join us -- but she would even do a few races! I have known this woman for 2 years now and NEVER heard her even consider a race! I can not explain how incredible this is. Really."

You don't have to Molly. Just go out and race.

Look for Molly and the new Tennessee chapter of the bellas on the blog soon.

Look for me to be back racing (and having another perfect day) tomorrow.


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