Friday, November 18, 2005


Just got an email from Shelly and it reminded me how much I miss her and Wizz. Shelly is an OB (original bella, not a tampon) and a huge part of our inspiration.

Shelly is one of those athletes who kept it in perspective. She is a super talented rider, yet the sweetest and most humble and would easily give up crossing the line first for a friend. She is the kind of rider who could make the pro podium at Sea Otter, but yet hoped the podium wouldn't mean she'd miss her chance to cheer on a friend racing one of the amateur events.

When I first started riding mountain bikes, I was the world's worst rider (I keep waiting for that to improve) I would fall over if the wind changed direction. I felt like such an ass out there. One day, I was bumbling around in the hills of ft ord, when I saw Shelly, her husband and a friend pop out on the trail up ahead. They looked so pro, with their fancy bikes and fancy garb, that I actually kind of hid. I was afraid they would see my ubergeekiness and make me stop riding or something. I later had the good fortune of meeting them. They took me under their wings, encouraged me to race, invited me on their team, and never ever once made me feel like the clutzyubergeek I am.

Many many good times were had on rides, races and get togethers after that. Always with the perspective that the racing was fun and all, but the real treat was the flock of us traveling together and having a ball.

So Shelly, with the teams success this weekend at the race and with the whole Kona thingie, I'm toasting one to you. Miss ya kid. Thank you for your quiet inspiration.

Shelly moved away and quit racing for her dream job, but her spirit still here and its what this teams' all about.

Well, that and the black shorts.


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