Thursday, November 17, 2005

Girly girl

I broke another nail moving damn USGP boxes around at lunch. Thats like the 3rd nail this week. Now my nails are all assymetrical and scraggly. And that just won't do.

Fortunately I have a nail file and a bottle of Revlon "fuschia infusion" in my desk drawer at work.

I picked up a box of goodies from Bicycle Trip too. They've already donated the Lemond Poprad, but then they also gave us a box of other goodies. It was full of cute girlie jerseys and I'm thinking maybe I add a few trinkets to the Women C drawing thingie. Sort of consolation prizes since the contest was way more successful than I ever thought. I hope we get more women out there than they get at that damn Portland Soggy Crusade Series.

It was freakin HOT out at the fairgrounds today. Holy moly this weekend is gonna rule.


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